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BIT502 Program FAQs

What is BIT502?

BIT502 is an apprenticeship-style experience where participants are employed by a sponsoring company getting real-world experience in IT. At the same time, they are enrolled as students and taking classes with Jefferson Community and Technical College to work toward earning an Associate’s in Applied Science in Computer and Information Technologies degree. Students will work at their sponsoring employers four days a week and come to campus one day a week.

How long is the BIT502 program?

BIT502 is a two-year program on average. Some participants may finish the AAS degree sooner if they have previous college experience.

Do BIT502 participants earn wages while in the program?

Yes. BIT502 participants receive a minimum of $14 an hour.

When do BIT502 participants take courses at Jefferson Community and Technical College?

BIT502 participants enroll in online courses which have the flexibility to be completed anytime, especially during the evenings and weekends.

What are the requirements?

BIT502 candidates must obtain a HS diploma/GED prior to the fall semester that they apply. Candidates must also complete all admission processes with a BIT502 recruiter and have college ready scores. If a candidate does not meet or has outdated assessment scores, the candidate will work with a BIT502 recruiter to schedule free assessment exam(s) at Jefferson Community and Technical College.

After the application/admission process is complete, candidates will interview with BIT502 Sponsoring Employers.

How do BIT502 participants graduate debt free?

A BIT502 recruiter will utilize the financial aid, the KY Work Ready Scholarship, Evolve502, or other scholarship programs to cover tuition amounts. Some fees, books, or course materials may not be covered by financial aid or scholarships but can be paid for through wages earned while working for sponsoring employers.

How do I remain a BIT502 participant?

BIT502 participants must maintain a satisfactory employment status at their employer site and maintain a “C” grade average while adhering to the KCTCS Student Code Conduct.

Am I locked into a commitment with an employer after graduation?

No. BIT502 participants are not locked into a commitment with a sponsoring employer after graduation