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Louisville’s Premier Pathway to
an IT Career

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Louisville’s Premier Pathway to
an IT Career


This is a great time to “Be in Tech (bit).” Our region needs software developers…badly. There are a lot of high-paying computer-related jobs in the Louisville market, but there aren’t nearly enough highly-skilled applicants to fulfill those positions. If you’re accepted into bit502, you can get to work immediately. You’ll earn valuable on-the-job experience while also earning a paycheck as you work toward your degree.

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This is an apprenticeship-style training program where you’ll study computer and information technologies (CIT) while working and learning on the job. It’s a partnership between Jefferson Community & Technical College, Code Louisville and the Louisville Tech Alliance and is driven by employers. They know what they need, so the classes you’re taking aren’t wasting your time. This is a path to a career that focuses on building apps, programming and mobile development.

Take classes in high demand skills like Java, Python, C#, .Net, SQL, HTML, CSS, Security, Networking and Databases.


Let’s start with your interests. Do you like playing video games and have an idea for new ones? Thought about developing a new app or improving current ones? Do you have a sharp memory and an inquisitive mind, confidence around a computer and a desire to figure out how things work?

If so, you’re probably the right type of candidate. This is a highly-competitive program. So, you’ll need to complete interviews and assessments to make sure you have what it takes before we find the right employer match for you.

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BIT502 Employers

BIT502 is a partnership between Jefferson Community & Technical College, Code Louisville and the Louisville Tech Alliance and is driven by employers.

BIT502 Programs

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The Programming option prepares students to design, develop, and maintain computer programs written in current and emerging programming languages. With tracks in Information Systems and Software Development, students successfully completing this option are prepared for entry-level positions in computer programming.

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Network Administration

The Network Administration option provides the concepts and skills needed to design, setup, maintain and expand network and telecommunications systems. The curriculum provides specific training in Cisco, and/or Microsoft network systems. Upon completion of the option, the graduate will be qualified to take industry designed and recognized certification examinations. Employment opportunities include entry-level positions in installation and administration of local and wide area networks in medium to large businesses and organizations, and computer network administration positions in small businesses.

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Information Security

The Information Security option will provide a solid background in information security. Fundamentals of information security, offensive and defensive techniques, and security topics such as operating system security, network security design, or other security topics are covered. This option will help prepare students for entry-level positions of network security, auditing and penetration testing, firewall configuration, and computer crime investigation.

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Next Steps

Next Steps Number 01

Complete the BIT502 Application

Next Steps Number 02

Apply for admission to Jefferson. You will need to submit ACT scores or take college placement test.

A BIT502 recruiter will contact you to provide additional information about the program. Finally, you will interview with a BIT502 sponsoring employer partner.